Death Stalker

Death Stalkers are large, skorpion-like creatures of Grimm. Unlike most creatures of Grimm, which have black fur or feathers, a Death Stalker has a jet-black exoskeleton underneath several white, bonelike plates upon its back, which are adorned with red markings.

One of the more prominent attributes of this species of Grimm is the golden glowing stinger on its tail that it uses as a lure. It also has a pair of large pincers that it uses to defend itself as well as grab or cut into its targets. The Death Stalker's ten red eyes and unique markings can also glow in the darkness when it chooses to reveal itself to its prey.


The Death Stalkers most potent weapons are its most obvious: its stinger, pincers, and bite. The stinger of a Death Stalker has the ability to glow in the dark, which is assumed to be used as a lure to attract unsuspecting prey. The Death Stalker uses its tail like any other scorpion, as a jab for poisoning its prey.

A Death Stalker posseses immense physical strength, and is able to shatter rocks and trees with ease. A Death Stalker is also highly resistant to damage, able to withstand bullets and strikes from Huntsmen weapons with no discernable effect. It's armor is weak at its unions, which allows for Huntsmen and Huntresses to sever its extremities. Death Stalkers are also succeptible to heavy artillery, and exceptionally strong blows may leave it disoriented.



Death Stalker

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