Boarbatusks are large, armored, wild boar-like creatures of Grimm. The Boarbatusk is a quadroped with many features associated with a real-world boar including cloven feet, a line of hair sprouting from its spine, a snub snout, and tusks. The Boarbatusk seems to have four eyes, a series of plates along its back and on its thighs, and two extra sets of tusks including two large curving tusks. However, their underside is comparatively under-protected and vulnerable, with little to no body armor or shielding.


The Boarbatusk mostly tends to charge directly at its target, relying on its massive tusks to grapple with opponents. However, it has also displayed the ability to spin forward along its spine. It appears to be as intelligent as wild boars.

The Boarbatusk's upper body is heavily armored. It has demonstrated the ability to stabbing and cutting attacks to its upper body without any apparent injury. Despite the Boarbatusk's heavy armor around its body, its underside has little to no armor and is the Grimm's only apparent weak point. As a result, it is completely defenseless when on its back and is easily dispatched in this position.


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